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Manifesto 2024


[CAL-DAY-RAH-DAH] is this year’s motto by artist Inês Barracha. It’s a research project by of alternative interpretation of the Algarve that combines gastronomy, art and culture. Starting from the traditional dish “Caldeirada” as a fishermen's recipe for reusing fish of low commercial value, [CAL-DAY-RAH-DAH] is inspired by the metaphor of this “miscellany” that we can also find in Algarve culture and proposes to disassemble, to dissect, to look for the most genuine influences and motivate deeper inspirations.Collecting and relating historical, anthropological, scientific, mythological, artistic information, [CAL-DAY-RAH-DAH] awakens to the knowledge of what surrounds us and promotes a greater connection with the local and the natural. In a contemporary artistic approach, the themes will have new interpretations and aim to inspire critical reflection and creation.

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