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Coordinators: Inês Barracha, Margarida Farinha and Sara Baga

Creative workshops for children that encourage and guide them in exploring various environments, materials and techniques with the aim of acquiring and consolidating important skills through artistic activities. Namely creative thinking, imagination and problem solving; adaptability and resilience; collaboration and communication; manual dexterity and skill; conviviality and sociability; recycling and sustainability.

Living in a world driven by concepts such as utility, performance and success, talking about art and games seems like a privilege to us. They will question whether there is still room for fun in a reality that increasingly favors algorithms and quantifiable data. In our opinion, playing will always be the best way to acquire the skills necessary to become a happy adult (or eternal children like us!) — Inês Barracha e Margarida Farinha


Small - 6 to 8 years old
Big - 9 to 12 years old


Festivities and school holidays.
The workshop start time is announced in advance.

  1. Easter Egg Hunt | Date to be announced
  2. Summer Fernão de Magalhães and the First Tour of the World | Date to be announced

How much

€30/3-hour event
€210/5-day event (35 hours)*
Snack(s), personal insurance, and all materials and tools are included. * Possibility of partial registration at a cost of €50/day (7h).


MODO Rural, Palheiros, 8500-331 Portimão, ou outro local específico anunciado previamente.

Past events