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Coordinators: Inês Barracha, Margarida Farinha e Sara Baga

A project of creative personal development workshops aimed at young teenagers, supporting them in the acquisition of skills that enable them, in a holistic and healthy way, to assume the social roles of adults and which aims to provide young people with creative tools for critical thinking and artistic.

“Immunity” appears as a metaphor for personal defense and resilience as a reaction to the social aggressions of our time: addiction to digital devices and social networks; projection of self-image distorted by stereotypes and other social impositions; automatic behaviors enslaved by the increasingly consumerist socioeconomic context. — Inês Barracha e Margarida Farinha


Young people up to 18 years old.
The project can be adapted to integrate into school programs or other events.


Festivities and school holidays.
The workshop start time is announced in advance.

  1. The Future | Date to be announced
  2. Girl - woman | Date to be announced

How much

€30/3-hour event
€90/2-day event
€210/5-day event (35 hours)*
Snack(s), personal insurance, and all materials and tools are included. * Possibility of partial registration at the cost of €50/day (7h).


MODO Urbano, Rua Garrett 21, 8500-684, Portimão

Past events