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“Caldeirada” is an expression that can be used to describe a mixture or hodgepodge in an allusion to the dish that gives it its name. It is a traditionally portuguese fish dish of popular origin that tells the story of our coastline from north to south. Arises from the sea and used to be prepared on board by fishermen using a mixture of fish, which came in the nets, of lesser commercial value. In the traditional recipe, everything is cooked raw, without sautéing, in layers. In the boats they even used sea water, which gave it a special touch! All Caldeiradas share the same secret, slow cooking, covered to muffle and refine the ingredients of the various layers that are cooked homogeneously, merging all the flavors in the broth.

The Caldeiradas vary from boat to boat and each locality expresses its WAY (MODO) of doing it according to its natural resources and this is the heritage of great cultural richness that allows us to know the traditional knowledge, understand the historical and social evolution of the portuguese people and of the Algarve and who knows maybe give it new chapters!

The [CAL-DAY-RAH-DAH] project was created by the artist Inês Barracha and was born from the inspiration on this typical dish as a metaphor. Many relationships can be found, a popular tradition that wants to be known, a mixture of flavors that result from the cultural diversity that we find in the Algarve and Portimão, regional, national and even international influences in a slow cooking, made with pride and precept, from which we can refine an alchemical broth full of stories!

We want to bring friends, families, strangers together, to listen and tell stories, unite the community, make known the identity of the Algarve and Portimão, this beautiful miscellany that is ours and is what time was been, sometimes building, sometimes destroying, some other times rebuilding and it is up to us to preserve and disseminate the best that has passed through here, what has remained and what may still be created!

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