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Will you catch them all?


Interactive mural - game & challenge


From 12.08 until today



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MODO, 21 Rua Garrett, 8500-684 Portimão
and random places by the river side of Portimão

[CAL-DAY-RAH-DAH] is the concept that artist Inês Barracha has chosen to develop a series of activities that aim to unite the community and make it more active in the preservation and promotion of local heritage, encouraging artistic creation based on the diversity of Algarve culture and Portimão’s identity.

The mural [CAL-DAY-RAH-DAH] Will you catch them all? is special and original because it's a game that invites you to visit the city! The fish from the traditional Caldeirada algarvia will be hidden places in the municipality of Portimão and a QR code will reveal information about the species (collaboration with Ana Magalhães Ferreira), the recipe for the and a digital composition with all the fish that can be searched for and clues to find them. find them. There's also a prize for the first person to post photos of all the fish in this recipe!

Just as caldeirada is rich in the diversity of flavors and textures of various fish, communities also have their strength in the contribution of people with different characteristics and identities that enrich a common project. The mural we are proposing represents not only a typical dish from the Algarve region, but also the cultural diversity and individual identities that together identities that together form the identity of Portimonense. Strengthening a community identity, a sense of belonging and civic participation are essential in the development of young people. The gaming and digital interactivity aspect of the mural is also a bridge to a generation for whom the digital world is inseparable from their way of communicating with others.

Two artists from different backgrounds, but who share the same city, have come together to paint it:

  • Inês Barracha is from Portimão, works professionally as an art director, curator, designer, teacher, illustrator and artist. She creates things, driven by matter, color and energy, manipulating materials in a lively and creative spirit. She recycles, transforms, mixes, molds, paints, draws, in a close relationship with her body, with others and with life.

  • Natty Peach is an illustrator and graphic designer born in South Africa. Her inspiration comes from the natural world, the balance between feminine and masculine and her experiences of travel and personal personal encounters. Her design style is highly illustrative, valuing the practice of including analog creations in digital art and graphic design.